Denisa Blatná

2. 8. 2021

Denisa Blatná (1974), born Denisa Burkalo in Brno, Czech Republic, studied Photography at the School of Art and Design in Brno. She was tutored by Professor Jiří Víšek, who together with an amazing team of classmates intensified her passion for photography. While at school and fascinated by the 6×6 square format of two-lens reflex cameras, Denisa Burkalo became a founding member of the art group Česká Paralaxa (1995), where she was the only female element. After graduating, Denisa Blatná devoted herself mainly to fashion and documentary photography.

In addition, she focuses on graphic illustrations which can be found in Don’t Give Up!, a book dealing with topics related to language teaching, or photographic illustrations created for the book Drakouni written by Zdeněk Král.

Since 2016, she has also been, apart from photography, involved in textile art.

She designed fashion designs for the Czech brand BohemaArt/Burkalo.

At present, her photographic passion greatly manifests through her self-portraits, which are always both an adventure and a therapy for her. What she finds truly important is the physical experience, which is highly emotional, goes deep and, along the way, happens to peel away, layer by layer, all the old strata. Her connection with the object being photographed, the way she gently soaks up and immerses in the surroundings until they all become one, is typical of her current work. The graphic elements that surround her combine with the elements of her personality. All that gives the audience a completely new look at reality that most might see as too ordinary at first glimpse. Each and every new place poses a challenge to her.

In 2018, Denisa Blatná, the photographer Katka Pračková /SK/ and the painter roman turcel /SK/ founded the art group MoUCHY in the heart of Pilsen, on a courtyard balcony. This group of friends had a vivid and fundamental impact on recent works of Denisa Blatná. With new craving and creative potential, she boldly dives into the waters of today’s art.


Individual exhibitions

  • 2020 – Portraits from Leitnerka, Klub Leitnerova, Brno /CZ/
  • 2019 – Exhibition Melodie, Brno, Velký sál Café Práh, Vaňkovka /CZ/
  • 2018 – Exhibition 7x Vienna, Brno, Spolek Caffé /CZ/
  • 2018 – Exhibition Vídeň, Brno, Monogram Espresso Bar /CZ/
  • 2013 – Exhibition Pokojíček, Brno, fotografie a obrazy /CZ/
  • 2004 – Open performance, Třebíč, Buenos Aires /CZ/
  • 2003 – Open performance, Třebíč, Barcelona /CZ/
  • 2002 – Gallery La Téne, Brno, New York /CZ/
  • 2001 – Spolek, Brno, 8x New York /CZ/
  • 2001 – Gallery Žlutá ponorka, Znojmo, Dotýkání /CZ/
  • 2001 – Open performance, Třebíč, Indický kolotoč /CZ/
  • 2000 – Open performance, Třebíč, New York /CZ/
  • 2000 – Gallery Žlutá ponorka, Znojmo, Peru /CZ/
  • 1999 – Gallery Žlutá ponorka, Znojmo, Bez názvu /CZ/

Group exhibitions

  • 2021 – Mezinárodní výstava koláží, Villa Rothmayer, Muzeum hlavního města Prahy /CZ/
  • 2021 – MoUCHY, Self-portraits, Tavole, Italy /IT/
  • 2021 – MoUCHY, The future of the past, gallery /CZ/
  • 2019 – MoUCHY, PO HLADiNE, Humpolec, 8smička a pivovar Bernard /CZ/
  • 2019 – MoUCHY, PO HLADinE, Praha, Hradčany a pivovar Staropramen /CZ/
  • 2019 – MoUCHY, PO HLADiNE, Plzeň, pivovar Prazdroj a Náměstí Republiky /CZ/
  • 2019 – MoUCHY, PO HLADiNE, Brno, zahrada Mendelova muzea a pivovar Starobrno /CZ/
  • 2018 – MoUCHY, výstava Residenz N. 7, MQ Platz, Wien /AT/
  • 2018 – MoUCHY, Umělecká Plzeň I., výstava Dům č. 20 /CZ/
  • 2002 – Caffé 99, Brno Fano Blatným /CZ/
  • 2002 – Festival Boskovice /CZ/
  • 2001 – Moravská galerie, Brno /CZ/
  • 2000 – Panský dvůr, Krásensko /CZ/
  • 1999 – Besídka, Slavonice /CZ/
  • 1998 – Gallery Ano, Brno /CZ/
  • 1997 – Hotel Rohatý krokodýl, Mikulov /CZ/
  • 1996 – Hotel Rohatý krokodýl, Mikulov /CZ/
  • 1996 – Klub Prostor, Břeclav /CZ/
  • 1995 – Gallery Neobrom, Brno /CZ/

Presentation in the media

Fashion shows, screenings, videos

  • 2016 – Mendel’s Museum, Brno, fashion show BohemaArt: Water
  • 2016 – Mendel’s Museum, Brno, fashion show BohemaArt: I walk my way
  • 2018 – clip for the exhibition 7x Vienna, director of photography: Jiří Zykmund, music: Dunaj